February 24, 2018
CAI Insurance Agency

Insurance Products and Services for Businesses

Property & Casualty Products, Alternative Risk Transfer, Loss Control & Claim Management Services

Miscellaneous - IMA1018.jpgInsurance for your Business is complicated – regardless of how large or small your operation may be. At CAI, we help you evaluate and identify the risks you face by being in Business. Sometimes your responsibilities are defined for in leases, mortgages or other contracts. Here’s where we are different than most Agencies: Most agents will help you comply with these contractual requirements, but they do not help you dig deeper to find the true exposures of your Business. Your lease requirements should not establish your coverage limits – they should form the BASE from which you begin to evaluate what your Business really needs. Your mortgage or lease holder doesn’t know your Business. Why should you rely on them to tell you what you need? They are protecting themselves – not you.

At CAI we help you identify the risks faced by your Business – Property, Liability, Auto, Professional Liability, and more. Some of these risks are easily (and inexpensively) addressed by Insurance Policies. Others need specialty products or are simply risks businesses face every day that Insurance cannot address. We believe that you deserve an agent and Agency that will help you identify all of your exposures, not just the ones that are covered by the products we provide.

We work with you to address the following types of exposures:
  • PROPERTY INSURANCE - Buildings, Inventory, Etc.
  • LIABILITY INSURANCE - Auto & General Liability, Workers Compensation, Etc.
  • PROGRAM BUSINESS - Special Programs for Jewelers, Dentists & Oral Surgeons, Manufacturers, Etc. Specialty Lines - Ancillary Products that support your Core Business Insurance Solutions
  • LOSS PREVENTION - Property Inspections, Return to Work Programs, Safe Driver Reward Programs