February 24, 2018
CAI Insurance Agency

Health Insurance Benefits for Your Business

Group Insurance - IMA601.jpgGroup Health Insurance is one of the most important (and certainly the most expensive) fringe benefit that you offer to your employees. At CAI, our Mission is to help you provide the program that you need to attract and retain the highest quality employees without breaking the bank - regardless of the size of your business.

We promise the same level of attention, service and advice to all of our clients without regard to size. Every one of our clients benefit from the outstanding customer service efforts of our staff, our preferred relationships with insurance carriers, and our innovative cost containment methods. Quality benefit programs DO NOT start with spread sheets listing prices and programs.  They start with your goals and end with creative methods to achieve those goals and contain costs.

We help you keep and attract the employees you need for your business to succeed, as well as give you the advice you need to do it cost effectively.


Some of the Services We Provide:
  • Market Health Plans to a wide variety of Insurance Carriers
  • Employer Contribution Strategy
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Self-funded Alternatives
  • Carrier Underwriting Days
  • Contract Interpretation
  • On-Line Applications
  • Plan Comparisons
  • On-Site Enrollment Communication & Employee Education
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Year-to-Date Progress Reports (availability depends on size of group & Insurance Co.)
  • Claims Evaluation (availability depends on size of group & Insurance Co.)
  • Renewal Strategies
  • Benchmarking

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